Anne-Cecile's authentic and genuine presence on stage, and even more so on camera, have made her one of the most sought after personalities in Europe. Her natural charisma, and the joy and passion she puts into her work always shine through, never coming across artificial. Though she understands the importance of extensive research, she never lets it interfere with the spontaneity that audiences love her for. She is fluent in English, Swiss German, German, French and Italian.

Over all the years that Anne-Cecile has been working in front of the camera and on stage, she has gained extended experience in the field as well as in the studio, including green screen work. As a presenter she hosted shows on different national and international programs such as MTV, Servus TV (the channel of Red Bull), Sat1 and Switzerland's Sports Channel SSF, being broadcasted throughout Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Apart from working as a reporter, she also hosted countless live shows on TV, and events such as glamurous New Year's Eve galas, major sports events, beauty pageants and many more.

She gained her first experiences in acting as a kid and a teenager in different plays, among others performing on the stage of the "Stadttheater Bern" (Cosmopolitan Theatre of Berne). With her education at the New York Film Academy (in New Yourk), the Art of Acting Studio and Playhouse West (both in Los Angeles) she added to her talent and on-cam experience as a host a professional training and knowledge to her acting skills. Her talent plus the fact, that her look is very alterable, have lead to roles in short films (also leads) as well as appearances in famous series on the biggest channel in Germany (Pro7).

Anne-Cecile has an incredible flexibility and capacity to adjust to different types of events and crowds, and a knack for dealing with the unforeseen. She always manages to bring the best out of her counterparts and put them at ease, all the while making the audience feel like they are right there with her.

She is at home in Switzerland and Los Angeles - the combination of swiss precision with the laid-back attitude of the Californians making her a pleasure to work with. You'll see :-)